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    Consumer research, strategic marketing, strategic planning, market research, marketing plans
    Britt Beemer, founder of America's Research Group, is recognized nationally as a premier marketing strategist.
    Best Selling Business Books
    It Takes a Prophet to Make a Profit - 15 Trends that are Reshaping American Business. And Predatory Marketing - what everyone in business needs to know to win today's consumer.
    Browse our research results. Topics cover buying trends, survey results, and strategic marketing do's and don'ts.
    Keep abreast of your customers and what is influencing their shopping habits. Updated Frequently!
    ARG can help you develop marketing and advertising strategies. See case studies. Have Britt speak at your seminar or convention.
    Case Studies & Testimonials
    ARG has helped diverse companies and orgnaizations to develop and implement strategies that work for their business. View case histories and testimonials from some of our clients.

    Seven Things Your Store's Appearance Tells Your Customers
    Learn what your store's appearance tells your customers - whether you realize it or not. As featured in HQ Trade Magazine

    Where Have All the Shoppers Gone?
    Britt Beemer discusses what the retail industry can expect from the upcoming year. Will our shoppers return to spend again?

    New Retail Strategies
    Nearly a third of Americans consciously reduced their spending in 2001 will they continue to do so in this new year?

    What Consumer Research Can Tell You
    Increase profit, improve customer loyalty, and maximize advertising and marketing.

    Better Sales Tactics Lead to More Furniture Sales
    Attention to detail and follow-up with customers can result in increased sales

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    #1 on CEO READ's Top 25 list of must read business books.

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