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 Selling Business Books to Businesspeople

  - 52.4 percent of America's businesspeople go to bookstores to look for and buy business-related books. Of those, 51.9 percent like to browse, while 48.1 percent have a specific book in mind that induces them to enter the store.
  - 45.6 percent of businesspeople read business-book reviews. Of those, 47.6 percent look for reviews in business magazines, 29 percent read The Wall Street Journal book reviews, and 23.5 percent read reviews appearing in either local or national magazines.
- Of businesspeople who read business-book reviews appearing in newspapers, 67/3 percent look for reviews in the newspaper business section, compared to 32.7 percent who look for business-book reviews only in the newspaper's book-review section.

- 60.4 percent of businesspeople stated that an advertisement for a business book influences their buying decision more than a book review does; 35.4 percent stated that a book review is more influential; 4.2 percent were uncertain.



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