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Twelve Financial Factors That Cause Consumers to Postpone or Cancel a Major Purchase ($1,000 or more).
  Reason for Response Percent to Postpone or Cancel
1. (Tied) You owe the IRS. 52.5
2. (Tied) Your parent(s) need special medical care.  52.5
3. You just learned your house has termites and needs repairs.  49.3
4. Your spouse requires diagnostic tests at the hospital, necessitating out-of pocket payment to cover the insurance deductible.  41.6
5. Your roof leaks and needs minor repair.  40.5
6. You need new tires for your car.  39.8
7.  There are rumors about more job cuts at work.  36.5
8.  You made an error in your checkbook and have less money in your account than you thought.  36.3
9. Your credit cards are at their limit.  36.1
10. You need major dental work.  33.7
11.  Your family pet requires expensive veterinary treatment.  33.3
 12. Your child needs braces on his teeth.  31.5

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