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Twenty-Five Things Store Appearances Tell Your Customer

1. Store pride (Will they take care of me if I have a problem?)
2. Store's quality
3. Store's selection
4. Legitimate sales price
5. Financial stability (No gaps in product displays)
6.  Type of store manager
7. Is it worth returning?
8. Commitment to a catagory
9. My grandfather's store
10. Is it organized to save me time?
11. Is it worth going in?  
12. It doesn't match the store's advertising  
13.  This product is a fringe category  
14. The store sells outdated/used merchandise   
15.  Does the store carry brand names?  
16.  Which products don't sell?  
17.  Is it a store of the future?  
18.  Is this company concerned about my safety?   
19.  The store has great sales   
20. Is it a national chain or a local independent?  
21.  Does the store's personnel understand the business it is supposedly in?  
22.  Is something happening at this store that's unlike anywhere else?  
23.  Does the store have inventory in-stock for immediate pick-up?  
24.  Is it easy to get in and out of the store (good directional signage)?   
25.  Did the store fulfill its role via its display and demonstration of the product?   

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