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America’s Research Group conducts a national study of 1,000 consumers in the general population every other month to determine shopping trends in 18 retail shopping categories. This information is displayed by month, percentage of population shopped and per capita spending in each category. The data dates back to May 2000.

DatePercentage Shopped & Per Capita Spent
May-00 22.50%--$32.22
Jul-00 17.70%--$35.58
Sept-00 18.70%--$21.93
Nov-00 25.30%--$35.26
Jan-01 32.00%--$61.83
Mar-01 20.40%--$27.12
May-01 21.00%--$35.73
Jul-01 19.80%--$31.30
Sept-01 20.90%--$32.74
Nov-01 20.60%--$24.77
Jan-02 28.30%--$49.84
Mar-02 16.00%--$21.32
May 02 13.9%--$33.01