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Six Steps to a Winning Strategy

    1. Qualification
    America's Research Group clients typically have more than $2,000,000 in annual sales and advertising budgets of at least $100,000.
    2. Business Profile
    You provide important information about your company by filling
    out The Confidential Business Profile. This vital component allows ARG to evaluate your market size, Advertising mix products and the uniqueness of your company as we design the survey proposal. The most significant points of the profile are your goals, issues and concerns. The ARG Marketing Plan will assist you in identifying the issues and concerns that can be answered through the research process.
    3. Proposal Preparation
    After discussing your objectives, issues and concerns with the ARG salesperson, Britt Beemer personally prepares the research proposal customized to meet your objectives and fill your needs. The proposal is comprehensive and all-encompassing , including.
    · The general purpose of the project.
    · The information necessary to be gained through interviewing to achieve the objectives.
    · The cost, terms and conditions for the project.
    Upon acceptance of the proposal, Britt Beemer will prepare the questionnaire for the interviewing phase.
    4. Data Collection
    The telephone interviews are begun immediately. All information is obtained by ARG trained employees, with follow-up verification in
    75 percent of the interviews. Our telephoners interview several thousand consumers each week, giving ARG the largest data base
    in the research industry.
    5. Results Presentation
    Britt Beemer personally writes and presents the finding and conclusions. The research presentation is made at your offices and site of your choice. The four to six hour presentation to all key employees includes three parts,
    · The actual research findings with commentary and observations.
    · The marketing steps necessary to achieve your objective(s).
    · A prioritized list of action steps for success.
    At the presentation you will be gives two bound copies of the research data, observations and marketing recommendations. A copy of the cross tabs is also provided.
    6. Follow-up Consultation
    America's Research Group's involvement with your company continues after the presentation. Because of our unique relationship with our clients, Britt Beemer and the entire staff will assist in the implementation of the research recommendations. Clients have access to Mr. Beemer to answer any questions about the project or implementation of the strategic marketing plan. This exclusive personal service is available for eighteen months following the survey at no additional cost. A revisit for consultation is charged at travel expenses only rate.

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