It Takes A Profit To Make A Profit

Reviewer: A reader from Chicago, IL
I read just about every business book I can get my hands on, and I just finished reading the new Beemer/Shook book. This is one of the best ever. And the best part is that there are literally hundreds of tips that I can apply to my own business. Beemer and Shook identified 15 business trends that cover everything from investments to frequent buyer programs. In particular, I liked what they write on Trend #11--why Americans are attracted to brand name products today. I also appreciated their comments in Trend #3, about how being a good corporate citizen is not only a good thing to do, but good for business. And Trend #13 on how Americans feel invisible today is a real eye-opener. I'm a big fan of business author Robert Shook, and Britt Beemer is one of the nation's top marketing researchers. Together they make quite a team. I loved their first collaberation, PREDATORY MARKETING, and this one tops it. I hope they team up again because they're a dynamic duo.