It Takes A Profit To Make A Profit

A Prophet Offers Eloquent Advice for Survival, January 19, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from New York, NY USA

C. Britt Beemer has been a guru in the retail sector for many years now, and his new book is full of information about the trends that are changing the retail landscape in America. To follow these trends, the authors contend, is vital to business growth and survival. Calling upon his extensive research background, Beemer names the trends and then provides the necessary steps to take advantage of these changes. Some highlights of the 15 trends include a lack of discretionary time, which means consumers have less time to shop. This lack of time leads to another trend--consumers have placed a premium on brand name products. Dual-income families are becoming single-income families, thus providing opportunities for telecommuting, part-time work, and home-operated businesses. Single-income families, mean another trend--more insistence on discount shopping, and increased demand for home improvement centers such as Home Depot. Another trend--more often these days, Americans are taking on the responsibility for their aging parents. This affects direct sales organizations such as Avon or Amway, who use part-time workers. New homes are featuring "mother-in-law" wings, and companies are providing their employees with health insurance for their parents as well as their children.

I found this book very easy to read. IT TAKES A PROPHET TO MAKE A PROFIT offers important and fascinating information that any company or business should pay attention to in order to anticipate the many changes taking place in the marketplace every day. Failure to understand these trends means more additions to the ever-growing corporate graveyard. Does anybody remember Studebaker, Eastern Airlines, Raiway Express or Gimbels?