Predatory Marketing
C. Britt Beemer with Robert L. Shook

Britt Beemer understands, probably better than anyone else in America today, how consumers think, why they think that way, and what obstacles must be overcome to generate a sale. Clients who follow Beemer's research-based recommendations grow several times greater than their competitors, earning him a reputation as one of America's leading business strategists.
    "Predatory Marketing" teaches businesses

    1.) How to avoid making the wrong decisions.

    2.) How to develop a strategy that works from the beginning.

    3.) How to make your customer notice your company.
Most extraordinary is Beemer's central message that the fastest way to increase market share is to attack competitors at their strong points, not their weak ones. In short, if you want to win market share, you have to convince consumers that the major things your competitors do well you can do better.

Founded in 1979 by Britt Beemer, America's Research Group today conducts over 20,000 new interviews each month. The company's success lies in Beemer working closely with clients in formulating successful marketing strategies utilizing specific research completed for the client and also incorporating America's Research Group's vast data resources. Since Britt Beemer personally writes every marketing strategy and performs the client consultations, the number of clients serviced by America's Research Group is limited. America's Research Group can be reached at (800) 723-3253.

"Predatory Marketing" is available in bookstores nationwide or ORDER ONLINE NOW. The book retails for $25, but you can purchase it for $20 by ordering online. The price includes shipping.