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    Company Overview


    America's Research Group is a full service consumer behavior survey research company. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research, America's Research Group has virtually reinvented the research arena with our distinctive, personalized services, encyclopedic reference of consumer demographics, annual client conferences, and extensive interview database.

    Founded in 1979 by C. Britt Beemer, a leading authority in the field of market research, America's Research Group has provided individually tailored research and leading edge strategies to a variety of companies located throughout the country.

    Our clients are primarily involved in service businesses such as retailing and manufacturing. These clients are pace-setters, found in the fields of home furnishings, appliance, and electronics retailing, banking and finance, healthcare providers, department stores and mass merchants.

    Clients include such outstanding companies as Sealy Mattress, Books-A-Million, AT&T;, Broyhill Furniture, JCPenney, General Electric, Kmart and many others. Our retail clients combine for annual sales exceeding $80 billion. With clients across North America and Mexico, ARG has a wealth of data in various fields and irreplaceable experience built working with clients to implement research findings and recommendations to achieve strategic goals.

    America's Research Group provides decision-makers with information that yields solutions to important marketing issues. Britt Beemer personally provides consultation and client visits, designs each project, analyzes the data and prepares the strategic plan.

    Research activities of America's Research Group are conducted from Charleston, South Carolina. Studies are completed entirely in-house to assure the highest level of quality and rigid adherence to budget and time constraints. In the case of survey research, surveys are conducted under strict supervision and mandatory verification of one-third of all telephone surveys. The data is assembled, analyzed, bound, and shipped from Charleston. A seasoned and professional staff consistently completes research projects from beginning to presentation in four to six weeks.

    In addition to specific research projects, America's Research Group offers an extensive program of client support services such as store management seminars, advertising director conferences, merchandising/buyer conferences, and unique CEO conferences. These annual conferences keep clients updated continually with developments in the industries served, create an opportunity for them to share in the general findings of new research and offer invaluable networking opportunities.

    In 1990, America's Research Group pioneered predatory research Predatory Marketing, a new research methodology that has been successfully implemented by America's Research Group's clients. This revolutionary concept of predatory marketing has proved that quality research is the initial vital component in directing a company's marketing strategy to produce specific levels of major sales increases.

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