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    America's Research Group has interviewed more than three million American consumers about their shopping habits. Bi-monthly national surveys of shoppers between the ages of 20 - 59 (the principle spending segment), identify new and emerging buying trends and shifts in consumer spending habits. Practically every category of retailing has been explored.

    Explore our market research results below.

    Mind Readers™ are bi-monthly national surveys of shoppers. Find out the hows and whys behind a sale made or a sale lost.
    Topics include:

    • Twenty-Five Things Store Appearances Tell Your Customer
    • Top Advertising Turnoffs
    • Ten Reasons for Weak Retail Sales

    Click Here to see topics and read Mind Readers™

    Consumer Mind Reader™ Bi-Monthly Data
    America’s Research Group conducts a national study of 1,000 consumers in the general population every other month to determine shopping trends in 18 retail shopping categories. This information is displayed by month, percentage of population shopped and per capita spending in each category. The data dates back to May 2000.

    Review Consumer Mind Reader data.

    White Papers
    Papers written by Britt Beemer analyzing consumer research and survey results. These white papers include marketing strategies and marketing "do's and don'ts." Topics include:

    • When is the right time to change the corporate marketing direction?
    • How Effective Is My Advertising?
    • Why Brands Are Needed To Drive Store Traffic

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    Furniture Buying Index
    The Furniture Buying Index is a report researching the shopping and buying trends of consumers purchasing furniture. Updated monthly! Click Here explore the Furniture Buying Index.

    Brand Loyalty Study
    A survey that rates customer loyalty to different products including everything from apparel to soft drinks and tires. Does your product influence customer loyalty? How loyal is your customer? See survey...

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