1999 Ten Rules of Retail

From Britt Beamer's keynote speech at the Do It Best convention 10/15/99

10. Embrace change-it's your greatest ally, especially when you know what to expect first.

9. Don't run your company from the corporate headquarters-join them on the front line on weekends.

8. Be a good corporate citizen: take a leadership role in a charity or community service.

7. Use direct mail as your silent predator-attacking your competitor's customer base.

6. Make sure your Sunday inserts have the strongest offers on the front page

5. Respect your employees and compensate them so they want to come to work each day.

4. Drive higher consideration share by leveraging TV to be the great educator.

3. Your TV advertising must have the best production values in your specific industry.

2. Identify a product category and a unique service position that is not easily copied and therefore you stand out.

1. Have the right store exterior on the most convenient store locations.


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