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  • Nebraska Furniture Mart: To Open or Not To Open?

    Founded in 1937, Nebraska Furniture Mart is the nation’s largest single-location furniture store and a long-standing ARG client. In 1999, Ron and Irv Blumkin, sons of the founder, contemplated opening a new store in Kansas City, KS. In order to make an educated decision, they hired ARG to study the market.

    ARG’s market analysis showed that Kansas City would be a good market because there was no major furniture player and Nebraska Furniture Mart was already somewhat known and well-respected.

    As a result, Nebraska Furniture Mart opened the 712,000 square-foot store on 80 acres in August, 2003.

    “We help develop the best branding strategy for new and developing markets, including store location, projected market share, sales potential, traffic patterns, where and when to advertise and creating marketing plans that are consistent with the right look of the store,” explains Britt Beemer, Chairman of ARG.

    “We achieve a measurable improvement whenever we employ Britt Beemer’s recommendations,” says Ron Blumkin, Chief Operating Officer of Nebraska Furniture Mart. “Whether it’s increasing market share or increasing sales, there are always positive outcomes when we implement ARG’s strategy to improve in a category.”

    “Britt’s findings usually include a few surprises, as well. For example, something we think is important to our customers sometimes isn’t and vice-versa. Overall, working with Britt Beemer and ARG has been very helpful in building our business. We generally implement all Britt’s recommendations, his game plan always earns positive results for us,” Blumkin notes.