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  • Thanksgiving 2006 Weekend Highlights

    1) Everything was driven by Early Bird specials on Friday and the after work shopper on Friday never materialized.

    2) For a majority of shoppers, stores were understaffed this Friday.

    3) Two out of three Friday shoppers went to four stores or less.

    4) One out of three Friday shoppers completed 40% to 50% of their Christmas shopping.

    5) The early bird got the worm with 81% finding the advertised item was still available.

    6) The bargain-driven mindset of this shopper is best reflected in the 62.2% who said they saw items they would buy later when prices were lower. This is the highest number with 58.2% the previous high in 2004.

    7) Advertising drove these weekend shoppers with 85.8% saying they bought what they saw advertised. This is also a “high” number with last year the previous high with 80.7%.

    8) Shoppers spending more than they planned was at 44.6%, close to the 47.6% in 2002.

    9) Dissatisfaction with the way stores are decorated for Christmas is at an all-time high with 39.3% unhappy compared to only 18.6% unhappy last year and 8.6% in 2004.

    10) Based upon this research, shopping levels for Thanksgiving is up about 3% over last year.

    This study of 718 consumers planning to shop over Thanksgiving weekend has an error factor of plus or minus 3.8%.