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    Orlando, FL, Dec. 16, 2009... This Christmas may go down as the gloomiest in years, even beating the big 2008 consumer shopping rebellion, according to a new research survey posted on BeemerReport.com.

    For the first time a large majority (62.7%) of Americans say that they can't get into the mood to celebrate due to worries about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the health care debate and the perception that government is on the wrong track. Others say that concerns about jobs dampen their spirits.

    "This is the first time that outside factors have impacted a majority of Americans," said consumer trend expert C. Britt Beemer, founder and CEO of America's Research Group (ARG). "In previous seasons, outside forces impacted no more than 48% of Americans," he added.

    To compound the problem, nearly two in three Americans (65.9%) say that retailers do only the minimum to decorate and create a Christmas spirit, while 35.3% feel stores are into the spirit.

    Comments most mentioned in the survey were "mall stores have very little, if any decorations," "store employees are not helpful when asked questions," "stores like Best Buy celebrated a Muslim holiday during the Christmas shopping season," and "retailers are afraid to say or have signs of 'Merry Christmas'."

    "Many shoppers who find the 'bah humbug' attitude present in a store will not shop there," Beemer said.

    Conducted exclusively for BeemerReport.com on December 12 and 13 at ARG headquarters in Charleston, SC, the research consisted of telephone interviews with 1,001 consumers. The error factor is plus or minus 3.8%.

    BeemerReport.com, a largely video-based website, was launched on December 2. A subscription based service, it features constantly updated poll data available exclusively to members. The site will feature a minimum of 10 new research findings per month on a variety of topics such as holiday sales forecasts, retail stores favored by consumers, public confidence in the banking industry, numbers of people considering car purchases etc.

    Beemer has a successful record in forecasting business trends for clients ranging from Warren Buffett's Berkshire-Hathaway companies, General Electric and UBS to Sealy Mattress Company and many U.S. retailers. Known for his detailed reports and honest opinion, Beemer is frequently quoted by major broadcast and print media.

    Barbara Burns (212) 486-1140