Top Twenty-five Reasons Why Advertising Fails
1. The retailer offers no reason for the sale.
2. The ad has a weak sale title or lacks one altogether.
3. The merchandise in the ad is unappealing.
4. The customer doesn't like the store.
5. The customer is not familiar with the store.
6. The store exterior appearance turns the customer off.
7. The ad contains too many exceptions and fine print, such as "see store for details".
8. The salespeople are too pushy.
9. The customer isn't interested in a sale unless the discounts are 40 to 50 to 60 percent off.
10. The store doesn't offer a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee.
11. Items in the ad appear too small - hard to identify the product.
12. The ad does not include brand names.
13. The store charges extra for basics such as delivery.
14. The production quality of the ad is inferior to the competition's ads.
15. The advertised prices are no better than the competition's.
16. The store's appearance doesn't change from sale to sale.
17. The salesperson lacks enthusiasm.
18. The same brands are available everywhere.
19. The store's ads look identical from sale to sale.
20. The prices never change.
21. The available store credit programs do not appear in the advertisements.
22. Quick delivery is not mentioned in ads.
23. The store parking area is untidy.
24. The spokesperson in the ad turns the customer off.
25. The salesperson knows less about the product than the customer.
26. Americans are taking care of elderly family relatives so they have less time to shop.
27. People are buying more at discount stores, which reduces total expenditures.

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