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  • Blockerís Furniture: Surviving the Competition

    Since 1945, Blockerís Furniture has been serving the Ocala, Florida area. When north-central Florida began undergoing a population boom, large furniture chains started moving in on Blockerís territory. After having worked with Britt Beemer and ARG on several projects, Jimmy and Russell Blocker, the founder and his son, turned to Britt for advice.

    "Rooms to Go and Kaneís began coming to town and we were a little nervous. Weíd always had good results with ARGís input in the past, so we hired them to study the situation," explains Russell Blocker.

    "ARG gave us the information and ideas we needed. Britt told us what to do, how to prepare, how to survive. After moving to a new location, we are not only surviving -- we are beating the competition," Blocker says. "Brittís strategies always improve our business. Our volume has gone up 8 times since we started working with ARG in 1988," he adds.

    "In this fast-growing county, it is a constant effort to be the first one to reach the new residents. Britt recommended everything from what brands we should carry to where and when we should advertise. He also has a lot of great ideas for sales promotions, not only based on his observations and research but based on his years of experience in the industry as well," Blocker continues.

    "Britt provides a road map, he always knows what to do. The things he recommends arenít always easy, but we donít want to waste time and money moving in the wrong direction. Many retailers donít really understand what ARG does but I would recommend them to anyone, out side the Ocala area of course," Blocker says.