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    The Loyalty American Consumers Have Towards Brand Products
    How loyal is your customer? In this survey, customers rate their loyalty to different products including everything from apparel, automobiles, coffee, hair products, ice cream, major appliances, shoes, soft drinks to televisions and tires. See how loyal your customer is… Click Here
    How Consumers Rate Their Shopping Habits in 1997 Compared to Earlier Years
    Discover the motivations for why shoppers buy the items that they do. Learn what your customers are looking for when they visit your store and what determines their choices. Click Here
    How Adults and Teenagers Think People Will Make Purchases in the Year 2020
    Ever wondered how people expect to shop and make purchases in the future? Consider this your crystal ball into how adults and teens expect shopping in the future to be. Click Here
    What the American Consumer Would Do if He or She Won $100,000
    We all fantasize time to time about hitting the jackpot. As a business owner, it would be nice to know how your customers would choose to spend their winnings. Now, you can… Click Here
    How Americans Rank the Ten Most Important Uses of the Internet
    The Internet. Once a plaything for only the technically-blessed, now it is in nearly every home. Read on to discover the ten most important uses for the Internet straight from your customers. The Internet is an emerging trend that you don't want to miss out on. Click Here
    How Teenagers Are Influenced by Advertising
    Teenagers, as a group, have the largest amount of discretionary income. Advertisers need to know what works and what doesn't when placing their products before such a discriminating population. What influences teens to buy? Click Here
    Twenty-Five Things Store Appearances Tell Your Customer
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the world of business, it can also be worth a lot of cash as well. Your storefront is where customers deal with your business and products on a personal and intimate level. Make sure that you paint the best picture for the best results. Click Here
    How American Parents Rank Their Top Ten Concerns
    It's no secret that American parents worry about their children. Parents want the best for their children and they are willing to do anything to provide it. Discover what parents' top ten concerns are and if you might be able to alleviate some of their worry.
    Click Here
    Five New Ways to Predict Consumer Spending
    If you could be mind-reader in the world of business today, you could stay on top of emerging trends and shifts in the way consumers purchase goods and services. What factors can predict consumer spending? What factors influence consumer spending? Read on for additional insight. Click Here
    How Consumers Think the Drug Problem in America Should be Handled
    Drugs are a problem that American consumers rally against. Keep them off our streets. Keep them away from our children. How does the American public want drug offenders punished? Dig deeper into how American consumers really feel about the American drug problem. Click Here

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    *Mind Readers were compiled from research conducted in 1998

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