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    How Do I Avoid the Wrong Decision?
    Too often companies would rather launch and then 'see how it goes,' instead of investing in serious research beforehand to know

    How Do I Make a Profit to Survive in the Face of Lower Margins?
    Your retail specialty may be cluttered with many primary and secondary players. No matter how many there are, you still need to

    How Effective is My Advertising?
    Many retailers try to shout the same message week after week and can't figure out why their advertising efficiency declines very

    The Battle For Shopper Share
    Research on 1,000 business leaders revealed that they have six big concerns. One of the top questions is, "Why don't more people

    The Consumer Speaks
    Most companies, according to the consumer, do nothing truly better than their competition. Most have the same merchandise, adver

    When Is the Right Time to Change the Corporate Marketing Direction?
    Marketing is the ultimate game of modifying human behavior. However, Americans tire very quickly today. As a matter of fact, str