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  • “Cyber Monday” More A Marketing Ploy Than Reality

    Charleston, SC December 5, 2005. A national survey of shoppers this weekend found that only 22.4% would really shop at stores and then go online to buy those same items later. While 42.4% stated they are aware of Cyber Monday, only 17.8% made any type of Internet purchase on Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. Of these shoppers 36.7% have purchased Christmas gifts online in previous years.

    This research clearly casts doubt on the premise that Americans used Thanksgiving weekend to “scout” out items they wanted to buy later online for a lower price.

    Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group said, “Cyber Monday is more hype than reality.”

    This survey was conducted on the weekend of December 2 to December 4, 2005, and is a sample of 800 adult consumers. This study has an error factor of +/-4.3%.

    America's Research Group is the consumer research-focused business development firm that provides clients the insight, strategy and tactics to increase market share. America’s Research Group's expertise in consumer behavior has made it a key resource and advisor to leading brands and top retailers in the nation for 25 years.