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    • Only 43.1% of Americans shopped for Christmas gifts this weekend which is 20 points lower than normal where over 60% would have been expected.
    • Forty-five percent (44.7%) of Americans are done or nearly done with their Christmas shopping, with only 9.6% yet to start.
    • Over half of Americans (53.2%) can finish their shopping within one, maybe two days.
    • At this point, 63.5% of Americans have shopped five stores or less.
    • Only thirty percent of Americans (30.5%), plan to finish their shopping in the final few days.
    • Of those waiting to finish their shopping, 48.9% are waiting in order to get better deals on their Christmas gifts.

    The top five stores shopped this past weekend are:
    1. Wal-Mart---50.5%
    2. Kmart---21.1%
    3. Sears---20.1%
    4. JCPenney---18.5%
    5. Target---18.1%

    The top three gifts purchased so far this year are:
    1. Toys---36.5%
    2. Video games---21.9%
    3. Women's clothes---21.5%

    • Of those consumers making electronics purchases for Christmas this year, 43.9% are going to discount stores rather than the big boxes.
    • Of those consumers with children, only about half (53.6%) have completed their gift purchases for their children.
    • Over one in five shoppers (22.0%) have gotten so fed up with the lack of store help they have left the store without making any purchases.
    • Of those consumers who have bought something nice for themselves this Christmas, they have spent an average of $155.91.
    • Nearly two in five Americans (38.6%) are hurried and feel the pressure to get their Christmas shopping done this year with six fewer days on the calendar.

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