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  • Why Has Wal-Mart Become The Latest Target For The Big Fall

    Why does great success generate such great disdain by the news media?

    It is hard to escape a week without some negative story about Wal-Mart. Letís look at the facts. Wal-Mart is clearly the number one retailer in America. Average consumers have to buy those products Wal-Mart sells and they do this each and every week. They arenít very interested about the origin of the products they buy as long as they meet their expectations. A $40 bicycle is not expected to last for years and years. As a matter fact, a $40 bicycle lasting 2 years fulfills the expectations of most buyers.

    And if contractors hired illegal aliens to clean the stores, shame on the contractor and Wal-Mart should have been more proactive, but little damage is done to the good things Wal-Mart sponsors. They have given many seniors part-time jobs in a safe and clean working environment, and many enjoy their ownership of Wal-Mart stock Ė something they never got in previous careers. This customer who buys at Wal-Mart, and half of America does at one time or another, got the low prices they were promised.

    But furthermore, they have better customer service policies than almost any other retailer. They take things back without a receipt, try that at Target! Their return policy is as liberal as Nordstromís while they donít have someone in every aisle, they do have people working in the store other than cashiers. They are proactive in supporting many charities and foundations. The consumer lists Wal-Mart number one for charitable giving. So why should it be surprising that Wal-Mart is the number one most admired retailer in America among both men and women.

    If lawyers had this level of admiration they would look to see how they could sue each other for financial gain in a class action suit.

    Wal-Mart deserves their high admiration level because they do what they say. They give America a place to buy at low prices in stores where employees seem happy to be there and willing to assist customers when questions are asked.

    Why not recognize them for their great accomplishments? Wouldnít that be refreshing to hear a story about Aunt Jane getting a refund on a purchase that would not likely occur anywhere else. I have interviewed over 6 million consumers in the last 20 years, they hold Wal-Mart in very high regard Ė why canít the news media find a real story to chase like the trial lawyers who donít get they money they promised to clients in an un-called for class action suit.