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    Through a lively combination of anecdotes and examples, It Takes a Prophet to Make a Profit analyzes the seismic shifts that have been happening in the American marketplace, identifying the forces behind these changes and showing how savvy businesses can find creative ways to attract and keep customers. The trends range from changes in our society (Trend #2: The Gap Is Widening Between the Haves and Have-Nots) to changes in our psychology (Trend #6: Consumers Are Reluctant to Pay "Full Retail") and culture (Trend #12: Gaming Casinos and Lotteries Have Joined America's Mainstream).

    Beemer and coauthor Robert Shook discuss which trends are likely to have lasting impact and how they relate to each other (for example, Trend #11: Today's Consumer Wants Brand Products is a direct result of Trend #1: Consumers Have Less Discretionary Time), and offer concrete and practical suggestions. For example, to take advantage of Trend #7: More Americans Are Caring for Their Aging Parents, the authors suggest different ways in which businesses can cater to caregivers who are especially pressed for time and money. Stores can benefit, they say, from starting sales in the middle of the week so that time-conscious shoppers can avoid weekend crowds; travel agencies can offer shorter vacation packages, such as spa visits, as "escapes" that are closer to home; and businesses can target the growing presence of senior citizens online, where company Web sites can offer information or services to help build customer loyalty. Taking similar simple but imaginative steps with any of these fifteen trends can put your business ahead of the competition.

    C. Britt Beemer's expertise in successful trend forecasting has worked for clients ranging from Warren Buffett's Berkshire-Hathaway companies to General Electric and other major corporations. In It Takes a Prophet to Make a Profit, business owners and employees alike will find an invaluable resource to navigating the marketplace ahead -- and profiting from it.

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