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    Britt Beemer discusses issues that affect your business and industry. He is available to give keynote speeches at your seminar or convention.

    C. Britt Beemer

    Hear Britt in action! Listen to this audio file where Britt discusses the importance of a focused marketing vision and customer sales strategy.

    Britt Beemer is a Strategic Business Futurist concentrating on consumer issues and trends. He helps corporate leaders see and understand trends and prepare for their impacts.

    A respected professional speaker and seminar leader, Britt has provided keynote and major speeches to an extensive list of organizations. These include The Private Label Manufacturers Association, the Consumer Board, AT&T; Management seminar and many, many more groups. Britt is a frequent guest on television and radio business programs for his consumer expertise and perspective.

    Britt Beemer gave the keynote speech for the Do It Best convention, a co-op organization for 4400 national and international retail hardware and lumber stores. Below are links to highlights of the speech.

    What Drives Repeat Business
    Ten Retail Rules

    The level of knowledge he has gained through conducting more than two decades of consumer research and personally conducting all the firm's client consultations and presentations is infinite. As a result, his clients always gain practical, implementable strategies for future success.

    Britt Beemer holds a BA from Northwest Missouri State and a MA from Indiana State. Prior to founding America's Research Group, Britt worked in the political arena and managed or consulted 16 senatorial and congressional campaigns winning fourteen of them. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

    If you are interested in having Britt speak at your seminar or convention, please contact us!